Blogging is the new Art

A form of Performance Art, and one that must be documented constantly.

What other community other than the blogging one happily carries on their conversations over lunch while seamlessly photographing their coffee, their lunch, their feet, all without skipping a beat as if this is
completely normal social behaviour.

Today I had the very great pleasure to show
Danica around my neck o' the woods.

out of focus blue water glass for vessel wednesday

Now...yellow is not a colour I'm usually drawn to, yet after a day in Danica's charming yellow-seeking company, I too found that my eyes were honing in on all things yellow.

This prose painted on a back fence seemed particularly apt.



We interrupt our scheduled broadcast of the Festival of the Neckwarmers to bring you a short visual treatise on small white objects.

A cake of Sandalwood soap

A net of garlic

An envelope

And a stitch sampler with a ball of wool

(Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to be precise). So far we've tried a couple of Fabric stitches and some Raspberries! But we may yet return to First Principles.

In other small white object news coverage, we found this via dogged's flickr favourites.

The autumn rains are upon us, all is pretty much perpetually soggy and chilly and so we are confined indoors with nothing to do except knit a hot water bottle cover, drink cups of tea and listen to a BBC audio-book: Kate Winslet reading Sense and Sensibility.

Which of course is sheer agony, but we struggle on, thanks for your concern.


The Sequel

You may remember I knitted one of these last year for a friend to wear as she bicycled jauntily around Amsterdam. I love the pattern so much I had to make another one for myself,this time in a cotton.

Pattern: Bainbridge by mintyfresh available here.
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine. A taupey-pewter colour.It's a testament to the fineness of this yarn that the Bainbridge was its' third incarnation and all without splitting! Take that as a highly recommended from me.

Mods: This time I left off the ties and after some fudging about with an idea of cunning buttonholes a la sumidity, I heeded the words of wisdom and opted instead to make a button-brooch.
Verdict: If you haven't already made one, what is stopping you?

Thanks everyone who left such lovely encouraging comments on my Clapotis, every one a heartwarmer. I hope I've inspired some to re-engage with that classic also.

It just wouldn't be Monday without a mosaic now would it?

1. Twigs, 2. tm-0391, 3. Tendiendo pequeñeces, 4. Old wood, 5. dishcloths, 6. 08-04-2008, 7. Confection Cups, 8. beaker, 9. Untitled, 10. She was buggered...., 11. i don't dust the tops of my bookshelves (232/365), 12. Jean Seberg, 13. Espiguette-056-0522, 14. floating, 15. schneckentreppenhaus, 16. Dive in the Unknown*

Sadly, both Di's dishcloths and Kirsten's beaker are mystifyingly blank, which is sad. Make sure you clink on the links and have a look!


Adventures in sinewy drape

I seem to have momentarily given up on garments and instead gone down a rabbit hole of textile creation. I'm enjoying the process of swatching; really, really long swatching.
And engaging in a repetitive, satisfying process of pouring out lengths of just p
ure texture, off the bottom of the needles, then over the knees and eventually onto the floor. 'Course the beauty of this is that you can always wear it as a scarf, as either serious wind chill prevention or just ornamentation, so does that count as a garment?

This week, gentle patient readers, promises to be a Festival of the FOs here at Needle's Edge.

And I've enlisted the help of a recent addition to our household: Audrey the Impossibly Tiny-Waisted 1960s Mannequin.
Named after Goat's impeccable Auntie Audrey, the fountain of all wisdom pertaining to grooming, deportment, correct undergarments, impossibly tiny waists, hairdos and all things utterly Audreyish. (sadly, needle's edge would get an F for Fail in all subjects). No matter, on with the neck-coverings!
First, I am the proud nine and a half thousandth person to do a

by Kate Gilbert.
Yarn: Trekking XXL Degrade 76.
(which is going on my shortlist of
Desert Island Yarns I love it so much).

I can't help but wonder if Kate Gilbert now wishes she'd charged for this pattern. She'd be able to afford a nice little kitchen and bathroom reno on her quatrième arrondissement apartment* by now surely just from Clap downloads alone!
At least she's charging for her other creations.

What can I say? I'm hooked and plan on making another. Let's face it nine thousand, four hundred and ninety nine Clap fans can't be wrong.

Because it's Monday and I've been such an absentee blogger of late, I thought I'd also bring you some mosaic gorgeousity

by this bunch of fab flickr people:

1. warmth, 2. sketch: teeth, 3. Final curtain, 4. today, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. beach fence, 8. marks a lot drawing, 9. House of lost souls, 10. "I am what I am because I am my mystery", 11. out like a lion, 12. rua da boavista, 13. rooflight, 14. Crackle, 15. Untitled, 16. Wellington sky, 17. African dwellings turned dress, 18. When the night falls, 19. politics, 20. Typography: Principles of Business Data Processing, SRA, 1970, 21. Suðurey (Southisle), 22. The crane, again, 23. emptiness, 24. Untitled, 25. lines, 26. wednesday {41} white, 27. through the window, 28. leaves and wood, 29. lines, 30. there's a fox on my back - 022308, 31. Untitled, 32. take the "A" train, 33. pola.a.day: mar15a, 34. leftover the bunny is sad, 35. pallets, 36. my working desk

*no, I do not know where Ms Gilbert actually lives, please don't ask