Of Jester and Jam Jars

Last night saw the first modelling of Jester on 14 month old Curtis.

He looks very cute in it..a tad large but will fit him quite well next winter.
But.... turns out that next time I knit something for the little chappie it will have earflaps. That secure together. Or button. Or maybe something else entirely..like a wee sweater.

Because turns out that little Curtis doesn't really like hats and his little hand reached up to the ball at the top and pulled it off quicker than you can say "Mum! get it off me"!
He's quite right of course, who wants to hide those cherubic curls anyway?

So it was modelled for all of about..oh... 3 1/2 seconds, not even long to turn the camera on.

I also handed over my "rag n bone man" (which is what I felt like clunky-clinking along from the car to Immi's front door) stash of hexagonal shaped jam jars I've been squirreling away for Im's jam & preserve making sideline enterprise.

Stay tuned for jam documentation!

Finally, this is Fred modelling some of his couture..it's quite a good likeness.

illustration: Claude Scott-Mitchell


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