Knitted Golf Balls?

Despite the fact that I'm neither a golfer nor a knitter (not an accomplished one anyway) I managed to knit a golf ball!

Jester is finished, thanks to Elizabeth Morrison who responded promptly to my desperate email about my increasing crisis. I wasn't expecting such a speedy reply, but she did..isn't it nice to know that the international knitting community looks out for each other?

It's riddled with mistakes...

But it was my first time knitting in the round and on dpns (5mm), so I decided to forgive myself and after umpteenth rips n' frogs, I obviously decided at some point to -
uncharacteristically- ignore and press on...

The real crisis came when I came to the end of the i-cord (a rather lumpy 6 stitch icord instead of the prescribed - and more elegant- 3 stitch one...unintentional. Lesson #2: Always read and re-read the instructions) and had to increase for the start of the ball. For some reason my stitches had become so unbelievably tight there that the M1 increase required a hammer and WD40 to get the needle through. And so the aforementioned email to Elizabeth.

Frog and redo i-cord (still as a 6stitch..too distracted by increasing issues to correct that as well). Magically straightforward increasing. Stuff golf ball. Bind off. Marvel.

I think it's not too bad for a first attempt at a hat in the round and hopefully the overall cuteness distracts from the obvious wonks in the ribbed band...and...well, pretty much all over it. Fairly pleased however with the regularity of my increasing.

Plan view:

Pizza anyone?

So can't wait to see it in action..hope it fits. Trying to discreetly wip out a tape measure and wrap it around a child's head without the mother noticing seems a tad impossible, if not giving the game away (if you want the gift to be a surprise) so I consulted this very handy chart at fibre gypsy and worked out a formula based on a 16 1/2 " head circumference. That's the theory anyway...whether it works in reality remains to be seen. Fingers crossed.


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