The Absentee Blogger

Another title could’ve easily been AWOFAD*

Did I even go to Melbourne?

Did I even get back feeling stimulated, buoyant, refreshed?

Evidence tells me that is so but I already don’t remember.

I know that I spent an interesting afternoon here.

This is my 'Monument' cover shot ;)

And I’m in love with the work of David Trubridge.

His background is in naval structural engineering ( I think?), very evident in the complex curves of his work. It also has an exquisite artisanal quality about it too: hand-sanded ply, disarmingly simple pop-rivet joints. His pieces sit so comfortably here with the display units (concrete block topped with a grey industrial felt crust), the finely selected mid-century furniture and narrative expression of the space (peeled back paint layers to 19th century, mechanical hoists left in situ), delicious late afternoon autumn light streaming in, that it’s very hard not to be seduced. I am already on the savings plan for one of his Nikau lamps.

Just as soon as I’ve paid off the credit card after going modestly mad in Martas Yarns and various other wonderful places (pictures soon I promise). To the Melbourne hostesses with the mostesses, I salute you all with an appropriately delicious glass of red.

Goat is in Geneva and I’ve just had one of those weeks where you end up so overwhelmingly frustrated by obstructions preventing you from doing a good job that you’re at the point of tears –never a good look crying in the workplace- that you have to stay in the loo or just go home. You know those weeks. Thank god for Scout, Harper and the levelling, grounding camaraderie of the dog park is all I can say. That and the fact that woolly objects have been finished. Pictures of those soon too.

*Week of fucking awful days.