34 years ago I bought my very first record (a vinyl LP!) with my pocket money.
It was called something like Whopper Hits 74 and I think -although this detail may just be wishful thinking- it featured a giant rainbow-trailing star on the cover
Anyway it had this song on it by the Hues Corporation

And I'll be damned if it's not
still funky! Plus Ann Kelley really knows how to work a jumpsuit.

One year ago today we were up at the farm in Uamby

and first met a sheepdog who was to be called Harper and who we would end up adopting into our family.
What a great birthday present that was
Happy birthday to other October girls, you know who
you are.

Oh, and I made this little owl 

for another birthday girl. 

It looks much better in the photo than it does in reality, because you can't see the messy bottom, or his -like all the toys I make it seems-  wonky asymmetry (my fault not the pattern's) but it's the thought that counts right. . . right?

You can find the tutowrial for this quick project at moonstitches