The many moods of mohair

Long time readers will have already surmised that I like mohair. In fact some may think I have a bit of a fetish for it. And they would be right.
It's just one of those deeply irrational, subconsciously driven attractions that govern most of our choices in life.
But if I was forced to analyse it, I guess I would say it say all stems from a couple of plaid mohair rugs my mother had when I was little. There was some quality about those rugs that I -clearly- found profoundly comforting. A sort of fuzzy bulwark against a sea of angst and uncertainty.
And why thank you Dr. Freud, yes I would love a cup of tea thanks. Lie down on the couch? Don't mind if I do, I am feeling a tad peaky.

On the weekend I was on the Upper North Shore and so I thought I'd pop in to Rubi + Lana for another ball of their fine house brand 3ply in
Dark Charcoal so I could finally start Clessidra #2. (For the record: one Clessidra singular takes 80 grams). No Dark Charcoal left! Serves me right for never buying enough. Thankfully they have some 'in the warehouse' , which is the story of my life at the moment. Which means Clessidra number two should be underway sometime in September.

But back to the mohair...
Maybe it was because I was feeling so blue at having my plans for casting on another Clessidra at that afternoons SSK so cruelly foiled, that my eye was drawn to this colour: Lorna's Laces 'Glory'. Mohair blend (blended with what?) in Navy (huh? ?!! I would call it Periwinkle). I found myself actually petting it right there in the shop. So...I had to buy it. I really don't need a single skein of yet more mohair. But it makes me happy. I think it's destined for neck wear of some kind as Goat assures me it "brings out my eyes". Out of what, exactly, is unclear.

What is crystal clear however, is that I have no readers in Antarctica

see? no markers!

I'm even more disappointed to see I have no (regular) readers in Canada.
Reason is, Goat is off to a conference in Banff soon and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for indigenous yarn goodies around there that I should know about so I can 'get my order in'? Initial googling reveals Qiviut, but I'm not sure whether Sydney is ever, even with global climate change and all, really going to get cold enough for Musk Ox.

Oh, and thank you Heather. Apparently I rock.

Edited to add: A shameless plug for my friend's latest show.


Blogger Pikku- Kettu said...

You don't need justification for comfort yarn. It's purpose is just to be there, you know. And if it brings out your eyes, it's just that much better. :)

21 August 2007 at 2:27 pm  
Blogger Eero said...

If you like mohair, you'll LOOOOOOOVVVEE qivuit. It's very light, extremely soft and very warm.....there is a tradition of knitting it as a lace and some villages have their signature patterns here in AK....don't know about Canadian qivuit traditions.

Seriously, you gotta try it....


21 August 2007 at 3:33 pm  
Blogger Madge said...

You rock hard, grrl.

21 August 2007 at 4:05 pm  
Blogger Rose Red said...

Canada says Koigu!

And maybe just a leetle ball of qiviut. Because a little goes a long way - knitted at large gauge it would make a light and airy but warm and squooshy scarf (maybe...).

And I think you're pretty safe with the yarn purchase - I don't think you'll ever have to justify any yarn purchases to any of your knitting readers!

21 August 2007 at 4:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi carson,

i say go with the mohair and whatever else you might like -- i want to see the photos of everything you make with it! :)

23 August 2007 at 1:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, okay canadian but really suck as a regular reader. sorry, will try to improve.

banff is gorgeous! lucky man. no wool shops right in banff that i know. but 1.25 hours away is calgary and Make 1 Studio is amazing. it's just north of downtown, not far from the zoo. well worth a visit if he's flying in to calgary.

24 August 2007 at 3:34 am  
Blogger Christy said...

That moody mohair! And I'm shocked; I had heard that you were HUGE at the North Pole. Santa loves mohair, too, you know.

24 August 2007 at 6:07 am  
Blogger Di said...

Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarns come from Canada.. so if he can find a yarn shop there may be a chance of something delicious. I highly recommend their Merino sock yarn, but they probably do something in a mohair line too.. Their colours are fantastic.

24 August 2007 at 10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thinking more about your indigenous question in relation to Banff and Alberta in general.

Banff is in the mountains and so not much pasture land. about 45 minutes away are many ranches but most of them are cattle ranches. Alberta is big cattle country. in the Kootneys (to the west of the Rockies and Banff) there may be people who raise sheep and lamas (alpaca).

apparently there is someone in Fort MacLeod (about 2 hours southwest from Banff) who raises lamas and produces alpaca but I don't have a name or any contact info. perhaps if you google Alberta and Alpaca you might find something. or when I get home I can investigate for you.

25 August 2007 at 2:40 am  
Blogger amisha said...

i don't know... qiviut sounds terribly nice, global warming and all. i have not tried it myself but as the other comments mentioned, at an airy gauge... well. could be quite decadent and lovely. and useful for cold-weather vacations, no?

31 August 2007 at 1:25 am  

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