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The new Jo Sharp Knit Issue 3 is out.

At first there was the initial frisson of excitement.
Then vague resentment set in..."All I need right now is more temptation, thanks!"
But I needn't have worried.
A quick survey of the thumbnails reveals that, well it's not exactly bouncing my trampoline.
I quite like the one on the cover

But even that bears a strong similarity to a Kid Mohair vest in Issue 2 I've already staked out.
I'm all for recycling but that's a bit cheeky.

Not as cheeky however as raising the prices of ones yarn range, then putting a little spin on it: "Jo Sharp knows your knitting time is precious, and she challenges you ... to match that preciousness with the yarn you use".


Guess it's a cyncial ol Thursday.


Blogger flim.flam said...

Oh god. Maybe if they sacked the moonlighting out-of-work TV soap writer who is clearly in charge of the brand these days and sold yarn and recipes instead of lifestyles and aspirations, they could keep the prices down. Shame they're just about the only company that understands about tertiary colours...

8 March 2007 at 10:29 am  
Blogger Rose Red said...

I've noticed that Jo Sharp seems to do a lot of recycling, at least in the books I have or have seen. Sure the patterns are nice but doing the same basic shape but in a different yarn or with a lacy border instead of ribbed is totally cheeky!

8 March 2007 at 10:43 am  
Blogger BrownPants said...

Oooh, I like the one on the cover too (but that is cheeky.)

8 March 2007 at 12:23 pm  
Blogger Madge said...

Debbie Bliss does the same thing - she's written 5 patterns and has managed to recycle them into 15 books. Hmm, seems I'm on the cynical train, too.

But hey, the spring Knitty's up. Maybe there's something there to strike your fancy?

8 March 2007 at 12:30 pm  
Blogger Laura said...

Oh no! I was so excited when I saw that picture! I special ordered the first two from Australia and LOVE them. Bummed that you were underwhelmed.

8 March 2007 at 12:33 pm  
Blogger Flea-Bites said...

I've noticed that too - it's not only Jo Sharp - for a while there, it seemed that every time Jo Sharp produced a new pattern, Knitters would have something that was very reminiscent of it.

8 March 2007 at 10:56 pm  
Blogger AmberCake said...

Wow. It is rather very really... the preciousness of the yarn? And if time is money, I should spend it all with Jo Sharp?

I think the Cynical Thursday is cross-pacific.

9 March 2007 at 6:35 am  
Blogger kgirlknits said...

hmm, seems the wool is not the only thing that is a bit precious in the Jo Sharp camp! Those thumbnails are all a bit generic, aren't they?

9 March 2007 at 6:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous two books were... nice.

9 March 2007 at 9:21 am  
Blogger knittingphilistine said...

YAY, let's start Cynical Thursday! I would love that ever so much! I mean, well, EVERY day is a cynical day, but I'm satisfied with the official day being Thursday!!

9 March 2007 at 12:24 pm  
Blogger Christy said...

Problem is my money is precious too. That said...I do love the Silkroad Aran yarn, but I realize that any company cares more about my money that my knitting time.

10 March 2007 at 2:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of this magazine. I'll have to do a search for it. Thanks for sharing!~

Knit on!

11 March 2007 at 8:36 am  
Blogger bugheart said...

i totally agree.
i do like
the vest
i didb't know
it was a repeat.

22 March 2007 at 9:08 am  
Blogger Wendy said...

Jo is simplistic and I like that aesthetic. That said, even though you like "simple," recycling is definitely a no-no.

22 March 2007 at 2:28 pm  

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