It's a gnome thing

I'm meant to be doing a gnome for tomorrow night's Replicotta Warriors fundraiser for Chalkhorse gallery (part of the 1/2 doz Artist-Run Initiative ).
I was toying with the idea of knitting an outer shell for the little guy in some exterior material like stainless steel wire, or even rusty wire, or plastic or some such.

But hey, at this point some thing's gotta give.
And right now that thing is the gnome.

Sorry chalkhorse, sorry gnomey.

Right now I've got to get back into the *ahem*...studio (read as chaotic rubbish heap) and render up 20 costume drawings so I can hand them in before the public holiday on Friday.

Oh, and a Myna update (thanks Ashley) : the little bird survived the night.

Not merely survived but was hopping around like crazy in its little box the next morning. Tough little things aren't they? No wonder they're taking over.

Anyway so I drove it over to Scout's vet, filled in the paperwork and left it for the vet to do an appraisal. If it's able to be rehabilitated then they give it to a WIRES carer in the area or if not then they euthanase.
Isn't it amazing that
1) even though this little guy is a declared environmental pest someone is still willing to care for it? Just shows how humane/humanist/humanitarian (? I always get those definitions confused...I'm sure someone out there in the blogosphere can correct me) we can be, and
2) Vets do so much unpaid work caring for injured wild animals being brought in all the time.

Turns out this was the 2nd myna baby brought to the surgery in the last 24 hours..times are tough! Even for mynas! Don't you know there's a housing shortage and a drought? Get outta the nest already.

Scout was most put out that we went to one of her favourite places in the whole world (the vet..yes really) and she didn't get treats.Sulky Scout


Blogger Ashley said...

OMG Best dog sit ever. I LOOOOOOOOVE when they sit back on their tailbones with their feet sticking out in front like little bears. Oh, Scout. Snorgles! And, I guess, a little snorgle to the myna bird. Hope the little guy pulls through.

24 January 2007 at 1:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! And your scout is the cutest! My girl Della, is staring at the screen, smiling.

I had a fabulous time and will return again very soon. Mark and I have been friends for years and he is definitely a sweetheart. We are all separated by six degrees. Hope to meet you.

25 January 2007 at 3:42 pm  

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