Come in Spinners

No, not the Dympha Cusack novel, or even the TV adaptation...I'm talking that rarified, mysterious art/craft form that in my mind is up there with illuminating medieval manuscripts and artisanal cheese-making..
I'm talking about wool spinning.

An activity I have vague, yet fond memories of being taught to do by a kind and patient friend of my parents when I was about...thirteen or fourteen.

But now...well mists of time and all that, but amazingly the memory (completely forgotten until that moment) of which was conjured up when I took up knitting last year. Something about the tactile sensation or the rhythm of the wool slipping across my fingers.

But in a more recent flashback, you'll remember I adopted Bob, a merino lamb at Uamby, last year
Well in addition to receiving 2000 adoptions (!), the good folk at Uamby have also held back some wool from market.
They have:

16 microns lambs wool and 18 microns ewes & wethers wool. (Spinners, I'm sure you'll know what that means)

And they'd love to hear what you need.
You can email them at Michael[at]newhorizon[dot]au

Some of that wool might just come from 'my' little Bob! And I'd love it to go to a loving home.


Blogger Ashley said...

I don't, actually, want to learn to spin at all--but one of the things that kind of makes me want to is making yarn out of my own personal sheep. So charming.

31 January 2007 at 1:11 pm  

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