Ye Olde Yarne Faerie

I have to cast my mind back a looong way to try and recapture the time when I still believed in the tooth fairy and even further still when I still believed in Santa Claus (I do remember thinking that it was odd that Santa's handwriting was so similar to Mum's).

And yet here I am.
Forced, empirically, to believe in the Yarn Fairy.

First of all I have to visualise what the Yarn Fairy looks like...

Like this?

This fabulous woman used to be the check-out chick (she may very well have been the manager, or even owned the place!) at my local mini-mart back in the very early nineties when I lived in the Kings Cross/Darlinghurst area . For non-Sydney readers that's an inner-city area famed for its bohemian grandeur pre-WW2 but during the post-war years it slipped into a sadder red-light/ junkie state of dereliction.

photo: sadly, un-noted. if you're reading this let me know!

Anyway, I used to love stopping in on my way home from college to get a few essentials (student essentials being coffee and toast), just to experience the full wonder of being served by this creation. Yes, her hair really
looked like that. All the time. I used to marvel at how much hairspray she must've gone through. Yes, the nails and the rocks were there too.

Clearly I wasn't alone in my fascination with this local icon, as she popped up featuring in a very glossy magazine David LaChappelle style.

But in my mind, the Yarn Fairy looks more like the animated Elizabeth Montgomery in the opening credit sequence of Bewitched.
I know
she's a witch but, but let's just refer to our friend as Generic Yarn Ethereal Being.

So..the GYEB left me something

200 yards of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Juniper. The colour is quite rich and jewel-like. And the texture.. oooo.

But the real winner is..

The Jaggerspun Zephyr in Black.
Actually I think the folk at Jagger ought to consider calling this one Graphite, as that is exactly what this luscious yarn resembles.

Darkest dark charcoal that it is almost black. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I love colours that are so dark they're almost black.So much richer than straight black. And the contrast of the merino and the Tussah silk gives a sheen contrast as well, the wool being slightly matt-er.

Weight-wise...laceweight. Even doubling up the strands to get gauge (as recommended by Rhiannon at Vintage Knitting) it's so tiny.

Will I go insane before I finish? Well the Goat assures me that level of minute-ness is (apparently) right up my alley, so I should be fine(?)

So now to secure that pair of 2.75 MMs and the v neck can finally get underway.


Blogger Rose Red said...

Love the juniper. Love the fairy (well, all of them). Love the lovely yarn fairy. Lucky you!

4 October 2006 at 8:48 pm  

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