There'll be some changes made

I've been doing some spring cleaning of the blog.
And while thinking of spring, renewal and birth, there's nothing like an impending one to make a person reach instinctively for the needles.

My friend Belinda is having a baby in December and you know what that means!........
Knitting of course.
No..I'm going to make the Top Down Bonnet from Hello Yarn in a gender-neutral colour.
Hurrah, I've finally got a new project to distract me until the Zephyr arrives.

The pattern calls for a sportweight which I'm pretty sure translates into an 8 ply. I happen to have some Naturally merino 8ply in my stash which I could make it in right now..can you tell I'm itching to stitch?
Ay... there's the rub... the itch factor.

The merino is quite soft, but is it soft enough? Should I use something like Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (which after all is mostly merino, just with some microfibre and cashmere added), or is that whole "Baby" wool thing just marketing?


Blogger Rose Red said...

That is a great pattern! I think you do have to consider the itch factor with babies - something else to consider is whether it should be cotton - my nephew has very bad excema (spelling?) and so can only wear cotton. But the DB cashmerino is gorgeously soft...

28 September 2006 at 8:34 am  
Blogger Ashley said...

I don't know from babies and what they think is too itchy, but the Baby Cash is a treat to work with, plus it's machine washable.

28 September 2006 at 12:51 pm  

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