Sow's Ear

6 hour reccie meeting.
The producer says

"That's why we like you theatre people,
you're used to doing something on nothing".

So right there.

but after...
About 13 years of sow's ear into silk purse.

All I can think is ...
Oh god I'd rather be knitting.

Maybe even knitting a silk purse.

Rather than more of how the hell are we going to do this champagne concept on beer budget yet again?

So right now
Like Greta Garbo...(or at least Peter Cook's Garbo anyway)

"Vy don't you leave me alon... I vant to be left alon....vis my knittink"


Blogger Rose Red said...

I'm with you on the knitting...

Is that Tucker? It looks great!

16 September 2006 at 12:04 pm  

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