I like to (S)watch

No really, I do.

Swatching seems to drive other knitting bloggers round the proverbial, even so far as t
o referring to it as "the misery of swatching".

But I could swatch til the cows come home, or the sheep even.

There's something about the simple act of perfecting a stitch, or a colour with nothing else to distract you ..like shape.

It is an end in itself.

So I've been swatching a lot lately.

Swatching endless shades of grey (all Gen Xers will surely remember
Steve Strange's
Fade to Grey...whatever happened to him?)

to get the exact, perfect shade of what I call "An exciting new fashion shade of mildew putty".

Perfecting The Bumblebee.

It's true I've been somewhat obsessed with this one for a while.

But now I've got the hang of it, it's actually quite easy despite the confusing non-instructions.

I'm thinking it would be quite good for a baby thi
or something with an antique tone lik
e a pattern from the 1920s, or Victorian,
or even ...

(yes, I was watching Helen Mirren on telly last night too..fab)

Last but not least, Rowan Big Wool in moss stitch

At least I can post photos again..that malfunction was in keeping with the spirit of the weekend. I exacerbated an old injury, the pipe under the kitchen sink exploded and flooded the kitchen (thank god we have a lovely plumber neighbour!) and I managed to lose all my keys.
Ah yes, just one of those weekends.

But there is always knitting.


Blogger Rose Red said...

Love bumblebee. Love the Big Wool (and your tension is great!). Hate to swatch. But will do it (mostly) because the thing I hate more is a finished product that doesn't fit. But still hate to swatch.

18 September 2006 at 10:26 pm  

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