...or Repetitive Tile Injury

Furry Goodness checks my perspective for me while I take a break. It thinks I may be quarter of a mil. out on the bottom left.

Tip for young players: alpaca and double-sided tape don't mix, unless you're really into picking fibres off with tweezers.

Apart from a bad case of RTI from scoring forced perspective brick-pattern tilework into Bristol Board for what seems like an eternity...

FG is coming along nicely, although it's now about 5 degrees warmer than when I started it, so I may not be wearing it until next year. Which reminds me, does anyone know of a really good non-napthalene way to mothproof wool for storage? I've read that cedar chips are good, but in Australia?

In breaking news, I found a perfect chequerboard lino reference for the model on the cover of the Gillian Welch Revelator CD I was listening to whilst knitting FG.

photo Mark Seliger

Now who says nothing good comes from goofing off?


Blogger Rose Red said...

Who knows if it is moth-proof but I put all my wool into glad zip lock bags, squeeze the excess air out and seal. Not perfect but have no (touch wood) moth infestations yet (ps - don't use cheap no-name brand bags, the seals invariably don't work!). You can also buy cedar blocks or cedar balls from Howards Storage World (and probably elsewhere). Don't know how effective they are but they certainly don't have that "mmmm napthalene" smell!!

15 August 2006 at 6:48 pm  
Blogger Carson said...

I thought Howards Storage World might have something..thanks!

21 August 2006 at 12:30 pm  

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