Retail as Art Experience

Tried to take my visiting kiwi friend to Object Gallery this morning to see an exhibition I saw a few weeks ago - Seamless - including Ahn Wells' knitted (or crocheted?) tea cups (not sure whether she did these in plastic or worked them in a fibre then resin-dipped).

And these (prayer cozies). Diaphanously hilarious.

And most stunningly and inspiringly, work from Liz Williamson titled Visible Darning. This image in no way represents the subtle complexity of her work by the way.

An older piece which conveys a little better the exquisteness (exquisiosity?) of her weaving work.

Now after this huge buildup readers, the gallery was closed! They're already madly bumping in the next show. Quelle poop. So..we turn disconsolate and heavily caffeinate to Crown St.
I drool over this book, and we emerge lightheaded from Chee Soon and Fitzgerald with a
$120 marimekko t-shirt for my friend (yes, a t-shirt) and a mere $7 worth of marimekko fabric offcuts for me (yep, I'm the frugal one) to start on a needle holder.
I swear that brian fitzgerald could sell ice to eskimos.

Content warning: gratuitous pet shot:
Scout wondering if marimekko does liver treats.


Anonymous Emma said...

I love it!
Yes it certainly was a sobering moment when I viewed my mastercard statement and realized that the wee striped t-shirt actually cost me $145 nz !!

You're a genius! Who knew knitting could be so compelling? I'm bummed I missed that exhibition now.. it looks gorgeous.

14 September 2006 at 4:42 pm  

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