Jester minute

This is why wine and knitting go together so well.

So I progressed from the rectangle on big straight needles to the scary dpns. For a baby hat. Thi
s is my 2nd ever project. I like a challenge.

I've decided to do Elizabeth Morrison's Jester from the Garter Belt as a 1st birthday gift for my friend's little
boy. Whimsical it certainly is, but quick-to-knit...um...maybe... if you had worked on dpns before, but for me it was rippin' frenzy slow progress.

I'm doing it in 2 different yarns: Paton's Zhivago in avocado green for the bottom half (which is actually -surprisingly- quite a pleasing acrylic.. the words "acrylic yarn" seem to cause some knitters to get out the crucifix and garlic..perhaps justifiably so but in this case I was concerned about 1. causing a wool allergy in the recipient, 2. having to take out a mortgage to buy enough balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and 3. The Zhivago comes in great colours, so there). And the top ball-ey half in Filatura di Crosa Zara in a cute variegated colourway.

So I've learnt that Paton's Zhivago is just as splitty as alpaca and the joy of endless dropped stitches off the dpns, hence the patent dpn-stopper above. This coincides with the Goat being away at a conference and I am forced to search and retrieve d
ropped stitches all on my own.

But the band is happnin' and up to the increases....


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