Goodness in its various forms

Crackerey Goodness
It's what you eat when you haven't gone grocery shopping because you've been too busy finishing Furry Goodness.

Yep, looks about right

My contribution to Knits of Cinema, an e
merging genre I've noticed in the knitblog community here and there).

Glampyre's City Shawl looks a lot like the one Jennifer Aniston wore in Along Came Polly (hey, I had a very important hottie cozy to knit at the time and we had no DVDs in the house)



Blogger Unknown said...

I hate plain crackers i think i would have to drag myself to the shops lol :)

22 August 2006 at 5:37 pm  
Blogger Pamela Lee said...

I'm convinced that it is an occupational hazard with knitters that we instantly focus on all of the handknits in any scene in films or on television. :)

And not just the big things either. Some of the things I have on my list to knit some day are a lattice cable hat (as worn by Tariq in a couple of episodes of 'EastEnders') and some tweedy wool fingerless gloves (as worn by Molly in the first episode of 'Monarch of the Glen').

I also love the way handknits are often used to say things about the characters. The children in the early seasons of 'Star Trek - The Next Generation' all wear outfits which look like they've been handknitted, presumably so we'll know that the children are there because they are loved by their parents and not just because they couldn't find someone back home to care for them. And handknitted scarves are often used to give individuality to characters (which is one of the reasons I love knitting scarves so much :) ), like the various funky, extra-long scarves Joan wears in each episode of 'Joan of Arcadia', and, most famously, the scarf worn by the Fourth Doctor on 'Doctor Who' -- which I strongly suspect is the only piece of clothing worn by any of the Doctors that would be named if people were asked to name an article of clothing worn by The Doctor. ;)

22 August 2006 at 8:46 pm  

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