Big ole Jan Gilray kinda day

Well...I'm tired, covered in glue and badly in need of a haircut, but apart from that I'm OK.
So I celebrated meeting Phase II of my deadline by finding a parking spot downtown...!
And to paraphrase Robbie Robertson "How come you always end up down at Tapestry Craft"? Answer: "I don't know, the wind just kind of ... pushed me this way".
It's true..I did find myself there, and then when I came to, the first thing my eyes focused on was a skein of handpainted brushed mohair by Jan Gilray in 'Copper'.
And I had to buy it. (Simply because the colours were so scrumptious. I don't like all Jan's colourways, but when she gets it right, she really gets it right..this is seriously beautiful. Black to Deepest Plum to Hint O' Rust. Droolsome).
Now, is that a crime?

Well, if you'd blown half your haircut budget on it, perhaps.
Speaking of crime, while I was browsing there, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation at the counter which was on the topic of 'knitting in public'. I gathered the customer was probably a top-silk barrister and was bemoaning the fact that though she really wanted to take her knitting with her into court, she felt that it might not exactly help her professional image (that and the fact that she didn't think she could get the needles through security). Then she quipped "But you can fit a lot under that gown"! I liked her.
I also picked up some Jan Gilray's Colourworks handpainted merino for an 8 yr olds birthday on the weekend... sometimes the tiniest and silliest projects take the longest yarn-selection time.


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