I was there, but now i'm back here.

Back in the city.
Work means ironing.
Proper shirts again.
No more bushwalking clothes.
And definitely no more going out to dinner wearing your bushwalking clothes with a scarf oh-so-insouciantly tossed around your neck to feel 'dressed up'. 
Like any one notices.
Or if they did they don't care.
It's that sort of place.

& oh yes I do wish I was back there.
That's the problem with holidays.
Especially really really fabulous holidays like this one.

The getting back.
Is the hard bit.

Incidentally, since this is meant to be a *ahem* 'special interest' blog, I did get loads of knitting done while away, on this
I mean loads
Repeat after repeat with no distractions apart from the occasional need to put another couple of logs on the fire (yes it is late spring ) or maybe check on the progress of the stewed  pears. (How else does one travel with a few kilos of Beurre Bosc you got from a roadside for a couple of bucks?).
And I made some inroads into documenting my backlog of finished objects. 
I must admit I may have been just ever so slightly inebriated with the "Holiday Spirit" (wine with lunch, now that's when you really know you're really on holidays) when I took these. Hence the slight, err crappiness.

It's going to take me a while to finish uploading all my pics to flickr (I took 719, and that doesn't even include the ones that were brutally culled when I realised how many gigs 15 seconds of movie ate up . . . no computer to upload to! Talk about roughing it! ) but for those rugged and foolhardy individuals that can take as many "holiday slide nights" as I can dish out:


countdown to . . .

Flights? Check

Dogs vaccinated and booked into [jail] Summer camp? Check.

[Prison Guard] Pet Taxi service booked to take them to [jail] Super Fun Summer Camp? Check

Human accommodation booked? Almost

Assignments marked and graded? Almost (Five down, two to go)

Giant Rubik’s Cube that is the draft timetable for 1st + 2nd Year ‘09 submitted? Check

Ideal travel knitting project? Check! ravelry

Double the recommended daily dose of Vit C so I absolutely Do. Not. Get. The Virus. That is Going Around. Check

Draft Subject Outline for Brand. New. Subject for ’09 submitted? Almost

Car registered, finally? Check!!!

Deep denial about coming down with The Virus. That is Going Around. Check

Rental car booked? Check

The perfect Holiday Novel? No! (v. nervous about this one)

Dogs very aware that something is about to happen that they might not necessarily like? Check

Approximately one gazillion loads of laundry done despite tumble dryer suddenly on the fritz? Check

New sunglasses to replace ones I managed to snap in half last week bought? Err…not check.

New rechargeable batteries for my mouse? Not check either! (slack!)

Bags packed? Not yet, that’s probably on Friday night after I’ve graded my last pile of assignments

Lovin’ iCal on my new computer? Are you kidding? Without it I’d be reduced to writing on pieces of paper! So…Check!

Room left on the credit card? Check

New hiking boots bought? Check

Big tub of Vaseline to ward off blisters from said hiking boots (and hopefully leeches too)? Check, Check..thankyou pro hiking-type person who recommended this

Almost everything ticked off the
“Things that must be done before we go to Tasmania” list on the kitchen wall? Check Checkey Check.

Waiting for the moment when I’m sitting here and all I can hear is birdsong, no mobile phone coverage, no internet reception, no people and definitely NO more excel spreadsheets? Check check checkidey check check CHECK ! ! !

PS For my American readers: do I have my fingers crossed for you guys in the election tomorrow? Check.