Looking backward + forward

Looking backward to Melbourne
On my last afternoon there I saw this in the window of a bookstore and fell in love with it.

Into the fold : by Tricia Dijkers Kidd
for vessel wednesday

Looking forward to a load off my mind.
This afternoon I went again to a specialist who is happy to interpret from the evidence so far that the mass on my thyroid that first showed up 5 months ago and which I've had biopsied multiple times is
probably more than likely not cancer.
So that's good.

While we looked at the scans on the lightbox she kept going on and on about what an unusual shape it was, how she'd never seen one that shape before and what exceptionally clear images they were. After a while of this I felt like I was in some sort of highly interactive conceptual art gallery rather than a Doctor's rooms.

And it is indeed very much like a sculpture by Jean Arp

Fruit de Pagode 1949
Tate Collection

What can I say but that at least it's gratifying that my mass can organise itself into a complex shape evoking early seminal Modernist sculpture.

In fact I'd be rather disappointed if it hadn't.
You know, if it had just formed into a regular old lozenge or boring old sphere or some such.

So that's also good.

Incidentally there's a charming little story about a small herd of backyard cashmere goats on the knittingdaily blog here.