Henry Fool

Ok, you poor sods that googled Henry Fool hoping to find perhaps a synopsis or the cast list for Hal Hartley's -by then sadly hackneyed- film of the same title*
Surprise! you follwed the wrong link here buddy. Sorry 'bout that.
However if you film students/1990s indie existential arty movie buffs also happen to be interested in fine handcrafted neckwear, well keep reading because we may be able to interest you in this:

Pattern: Henry by Marieke Sattler
Yarn: Sublime Yarns cashmere merino silk DK ravelry link
Mods: adapted for a DK yarn. See post.

The title
Henry Fool kept springing relentlessly to mind as I tried to finish this taskmaster as a birthday gift. Mainly because you would have to be ever so slightly on the foolish side to attempt it.
That or extremely patient. As patient as the fabled turtle.
This scarf is knit sideways (between this and the Woolly Wormhead hats I'm currently obsessed with this sideways is the New True Paradigm for me).
Adapting the pattern for a DK yarn, I cast on 180 stitches.
Is a long row.
And while I'm very pleased with the fine herringbone patterning, the cast on and cast off? Oy, don't get me started. If you do want to make this, I'd recommend your regular cast on and the K2tbl cast-off. I spent an entire afternoon unpicking 10 centimetres of Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn cast-off which I'd tried as an alternative to the pattern. The yarn? Well she is a delicate delicate thing and does not take kindly to that sort of maltreatment.
Silent gnashings of teeth towards the end I tell you.
Blocking: Henry was subjected to the
Patent Needle's Edge Flatten-Out-You-Bastard-Thing! System TM (with which I'm generous: if you want to trial this at home take one (by now empty after unpicking 10 cms of sewn casting-off) bottle of wine. I recommend a nice Sauvignon Blanc but if pressed then any dry white will do, and one thick beach towel. Wrap thoroughly damp scarf and beach towel layers very tightly around bottle sushi roll style in a commanding 'take-charge' manner. This will really show the scarf who's boss.
I have to admit though that even after this punishing Treatment TM, Henry stills curls at the sides.
Worn doubled, however it's less of a problem I think.

And I have to say looks pretty swell teamed with this Ted Baker coat.

*Outraged Hartley fans, I am more than happy to engage in a learned discourse vis a vis the conceptual devolution of his filmic career, you know how to contact me!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a lot of stitches,but I see from your post that you are a brave girl...looks like you won the battle with Henry...curled edges or not...:-)

8 July 2008 at 10:26 pm  
Blogger Michele said...

cracking up over your edge uncurling comments! it looks really good from over here - actually stunningly beautiful. but what knitting drives us too hey. my grandmother knit all her life and i never saw it drive her to drink or to shedding tears. she must have been made of sterner stuff than i

9 July 2008 at 4:07 am  
Blogger kgirlknits said...

Superb job. It a perfectly stunning accomplishment, and it's elegance as a finished object in no way hints of it's perverse nature during the process!

Hope the lucky recipient enjoys it.

Thank you for the heads up on the cast off, although I think you may have turned me off actually casting on, at least for a while!

...and I am positively pea green with envy of that coat, let me tell you

9 July 2008 at 8:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

super stylish and impressive.
i really, really like it but you have put me off sufficiently!
[perhaps one for a very, very long plane flight or something of that ilk?]
for all that effort and fab result, i don't think i could give it away.

9 July 2008 at 8:42 pm  
Blogger Di said...

NOw I think I would be doing something quite different with the wine...
Looks like a very fine scarf though. And a beautiful accessory to your gorgeous coat. Perhaps you should knit another for yourself? [ducks..]

...OK, perhaps not...

17 July 2008 at 9:16 pm  

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