Fear & Loathing in IKEA

It's not honestly 2007 already is it?

Seeing as we're all moving at an average of 107,218 kms an hour, it's bound to happen sooner rather than later. My current bedtime reading is Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and it's got me hooked on scientific factoids.

So we celebrated the impending new year with a trip to the Mega Ikea.
What can I say?
Everyone in the Greater Metropolitan Area
of Sydney was at the Mega Ikea.
In a curious twist akin to 'Freaky Friday', the Goat and I swapped personalities for the day with Goat full of cheer, hope and enthusiasm for the fu
rniture experience and me dragging the chain.
Even a hundred home-office storage solutions was
n't enough to shake me out of my torpor for very long.
Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this new hyper-mart is the size of a large suburb and we were trapped in a one-way human stream of equally dazed shoppers who could barely supre
ss their hysteria and their singing along to ironic 70s disco (at least I think it's ironic).
I was suddenly full of nostalgia for the good old smaller Ikeas..where I knew all the sneaky short cuts and where everything was.
Well I was finally beaten into caffeine-starved, daylight-deprived
submission (the masterminds are taking some tips from Vegas there) and we were lucky to emerge from the carpark with only three hundred odd bucks worth mostly sticking out through the sunroof, and swerve around suicidal pedestrians hurling themselves onto the freeway-
"Get outta the way, can't you see we've got Flat-Packs here"??!!!

But part of the loot was this for the first vessel wednesday of 2007...

A nice piece of green glassware (which does freaky things to Agatha).

In knitting news, some alternative names for the Curiously Clever Clogs:
1.Curiously Complicated Clogs
2.Bedevilingly Bastard Booties

There's nothing for it but to make a scale model from recycled printer paper and masking tape.

version 1 version 2

All will be revealed -hopefully- if I can make my new improved pattern work.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday.


Blogger AMCSviatko said...

Let me share The Rules of Visiting IKEA at Rhodes (or possibly any IKEA in the world):

1. Arrive 5 minutes before opening time
2. Park as close as you can get to the exit for a fast getaway.
3. Know what you're looking for, find it and leave.

Using these rules, Princess B and I did IKEA Rhodes in 15 minutes on December 17th (yup, 2 weeks before Christmas - and that included me ruminating over the decision "did I need Anna ginger biscuits or not?").

I give lessons. They're expensive ;-)

3 January 2007 at 8:34 pm  
Blogger Ashley said...

IKEA has some really lovely hings sometimes. When I first looked at that picture I thought you had somehow gotten Agatha inside, like a ship in a bottle, and I was very impressed.

4 January 2007 at 4:40 am  
Blogger Eero said...

IKEA---I've heard of them, but have yet to experience one first hand! The end-of-holiday shopping madness is a tradition here, too. Strangely, it didn't happen this year. Jan. 1st, and all was quiet in our frozen little town. Bliss. Coincidentally, I went furniture shopping this week, as you did. Couch and bookshelves were my grails, and none were to be found. Everything just costs more than I want to spend....Wish I knew how to build a couch.....

4 January 2007 at 12:04 pm  
Blogger Eero said...

P.S. Bill Bryson is fantastic!

4 January 2007 at 12:05 pm  
Blogger MWM said...

oooh, I am intrigued by the paper shoes....waiting for more....

5 January 2007 at 3:24 pm  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Beautiful new vessel --- I adore the color!

5 January 2007 at 5:25 pm  

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