You Don't Look a Day Over 41. or Some Things Never Change

October 2006.

For those of you who thought that Close Encounter of the Alpaca Kind was an actual finished object...

(sum)Headway is finished.

1 1/2 balls Eki Riva Alpaca 8 ply in the poetically titled 402.

3 1/2 mm bamboo circulars.

Band is 4 cms of P2 K1 rib, then the rest in "Easy Cable" :
4 rows of 2 x 2 rib, every 5th and 6th row you P2, K2tog, knitting into back of stitch before you slip off the needle. No cable needle involved.
I did fairly rapid increases and decreases at top and bottom.

I'm not completely happy with the shape, as it's a bit mushroomey. In fact I think the rest of my knitting life is going to be consumed to varying degrees with the eternal search for the perfect beret pattern. Next time I think I'll do more increases early on to get the shape I'm after.

But all in all, for my very first made up garment, I think it's not too bad. I'll certainly wear it.

In fact I was wearing it when I went into my LYS and while I was paying, the owner commented on it and asked where I got the pattern. When I told her I just made it up, she said rather graciously "Well, aren't you clever"?

I don't think she was being facetious. I am after all a loyal paying customer.

I also didn't have the heart to remind her that only
4 months ago she was showing me how to cast on.
Mugging for the camera in sumHeadway with Scout doing her best portugese chicken impersonation.

Edited to add: Ashley as far as I can tell, Scout doesn't have any portugese chicken in her pedigree... but one never knows does one?


Blogger Ashley said...

Hee! Scout belly! Bailey sends sniffs.

13 October 2006 at 12:10 pm  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Ok, first of all I am also a big fan of the beret and I LOVE your hat!

Second --- your puppy is SUPER CUTE! I adopted my dog when she was nearly full grown, but I think she must have looked a lot like Scout!

Thanks for the compliment on my first sock --- the lace pattern was a challenge --- sock construction is much easier than it looks!

13 October 2006 at 1:07 pm  
Blogger Dharma said...

Happy belated birthday, other libra. Though I am a tad older than you.

23 October 2006 at 3:58 am  

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