Saturday was

While the 38 deg. heat and the neighbour's auction raged outside, I relaxed in the much more civilised 20 deg of the front room and watched Mildred Pierce.

I'd never seen Mildred Pierce before, I knew of it - mostly via the Sonic Youth track of the same name, but seeing as that was 99% instrumental it didn't tell me much - so it was about time I caught up with this particular classic.
And it reminded me that when I was young watching black and white movies, I thought all women prior to the 60's wore black lipstick, especially Joan Crawford. Well, it was so dark.
I didn't question this, I just assumed it was so.

And I was spurred on by Mildred's steely determination to grasp FG by the horns, attach those tassles and weave in those never ending freakin' ends.

By the time Monte Beragon's true killer was revealed, so too was the finished FG.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

o mildred, mildred, mildred.

she's not doing any knitting though.

17 October 2006 at 5:31 pm  

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