Old Friends

I had forgotten, during the time FG had been languishing, just how soft alpaca is.

er realising that the ear on the Bonnet is just way too big, (sorry Hello Yarn, but has anyone actually done the newborn sizing?) that it should only be half that size so it doesn't
a) look like a bilby, and
b) fall over from top-heaviness.

and after a big sigh, I put Bonnet aside and picked up ol' FG, thinking I would finally attach those tassles and get it in the bag, so to speak.

But wait! There's almost a whole ball of yarn left attached.

The Goat looked up long enough to raise an eyebrow and comment " I thought you'd finished that". Well, so did I but there's clearly more to go now.
Did I mention just how comfortingly soft alpaca is? Yeah yeah, you all know that already.

Honestly, going back to FG after the Bonnet is like being reunited with your long lost Golden Retriever after hanging out with a bunch of ballerinas for a while. You know... pale, tiny, highly strung and demanding.

Unlike FG...hello old friend!

Oh and btw... yes they are plastic needles I'm working FG on.
I know, I know
They hark back to the days when I had just started knitting and didn't know about bamboo yet.

I neglected to mention earlier we saw a fab show at the Tin Sheds on the weekend. Emma Wise's
< Unsafe Passage.

She's sculpted these wonderful forms reminiscent of plumb-bobs out of styrene, weighted them at the base so they sway and wobble when you push them (yes, truly interactive art!).
Really beautiful.


Blogger Rose Red said...

I've been knitting with cotton too the last couple of nights - it's not as pleasing to knit with as lovely soft wool...
Like the plumb-bob thingys (she's artistic and clever!)

11 October 2006 at 3:04 pm  

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