As Cool As Kim Deal


There's nothing in my art.
I'd rather be cool than be smart.

Here's what I feel,
ba ba ba ba.
Just want a row counter
as cool as Kim Deal.”

- With apologies to Dandy Warhols

How utterly and cool and smart is the row counter?

Who would’ve thought such a cheap and rudimentary little plastic mechanism could make or break one’s knitting?

Not me til I tried it.

I’ve ripped the top-down bonnet at least 3 times.

It’s working out now, thanks to this new thingie.

Superficially, the pattern seems like a no-brainer. Just alternating rows of plain knit and rows of increasing either side of the plain knit “side seams”.


Tune out.

Ah.. the tuning out part….this is where I get confused as to where I’m up to.

Result: A dog’s breakfast of a bonnet.

So then I impose the simple discipline of row counter and 2 improvised side markers and success. Note to self: not a good idea to use grey alpaca as a marker. It sheds, leaving tiny filaments of dark fibre in the bonnet’s side seams. While I was working it I thought the sides were getting grubby-looking. On closer inspection I noticed the small dark “hairs” knitted in, then just as I was about to blame Scout (those dog hairs get everywhere!)

^ Shifting focus.... wheee! Scout likes to loll about with her belly in the sun where she gets so relaxed her top lip starts to droop on the ground.

I inspected yet closer and picked out all the alpaca.

I know..while Rome burns and all that…here I am picking out alpaca fibre from a baby bonnet.

Well, someone has to.
^ goat gift gum leaf.


Blogger Rose Red said...

The row counter rocks!

(I think Scout and I might be related...)

9 October 2006 at 8:40 am  

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