Dog Park(a)

Everyone who has a dog knows that those winter evenings in the dog park are truly goolie-freezing and so a nice warm cardi is in order. A gay (in the old fashioned sense) colour wouldn’t go astray in the miserable dark cold either.

Enter Rowan Big Wool.

Pattern-wise I could go (from left to right) Berry, Suzy, Gwen, Chrissy, Tate, Trench or Tucker. (I’m Libran, I need lots of options to make the decision making just that little bit harder).

Berry’s cute but hard to tell whether it has a hood or not. Suzy appears clinically depressed, and perhaps I ought to heed that bad omen.

Note Gwen is sitting down, actually she’s slumped down which suggests to me that they didn’t use the standing up shot for this one because the cardi is in fact a shapeless lump and hence best avoided.

Chrissie looks like a world of reverse stockinette.

Tate looks whacked out on scary drugs…maybe not go there.

At the moment I’m leaning towards Tucker, which has a hood and it seems to have more structure by virtue of the heavily textured stitch, (that could take me a longass time judging by my progress with the Big Book of Knitting Stitches) but as this is intended to be my Winter of 2007 DogParkCoat it might just be finished by then.

Suggestions anyone?


Blogger Rose Red said...

I quite like Suzy but it looks a bit short and structured for dog park. I don't mind Gwen - if it turns out a bit shapeless you could always belt it anyway. I think I'm with you though on Tucker, it looks the goods, although I'm not a big fan of the wide looking cuff on the sleeve - but it could be made shorter. For dog park and warmth purposes, I'd go with Tucker - enough length to keep the body and butt warm but not too long to get in the way of legs/dog, plus hood to keep the head warm - and, a pattern so you don't get bored doing endless lengths of stockinette.

(I bought some Big Wool too (also eBay bargain, about a month ago) in red - can't wait to knit with it...)

11 September 2006 at 12:08 pm  
Blogger flim.flam said...

tate looks like a bunny boiler
what's happening on that stove?

i know you like
hood and texture and structure
which makes tucker hard to beat

although there's some kooky camo action
going on underneath

perhaps you could knit a matching balaclava to wear under your army helmet

chrissie looks pretty happy

i want what she's having

11 September 2006 at 3:37 pm  
Blogger Carson said...

Tucker is shortlisted.
And Big Wool is dreamy to knit..as dreamy as Lamb's Pride Worsted..it doesn't split which is great for me..I'm a great stitch-splitter, sadly!

12 September 2006 at 4:53 pm  
Blogger Margie said...

I like Suzy way the best. The collar is very cute. Will be nice to turn it up to block out the cold.

Hoods are darn annoying. I had to rip one off the jacket I just knat and reknit it into a stand up collar.

14 September 2006 at 3:12 pm  

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