The Accidental Life of a Constructivist

I love it when this happens, you’re model making away and all of a sudden you get these incidental shapes forming.

Very Tatlin.

Shame I have to hack it off.

Meanwhile on the desk:

Work And Play: Locked together in the eternal tension of opposites.

materials: plan, plastic circle template, bamboo dpn

Some people would (and do - with great regularity) say that what I do for a living is play, but I can

assure you it’s not. Like any job it has its days of brain-numbing tedium, when you’d really rather be…well... knitting for instance.

Knitting and eating hob nobs (or herb nerbs in Swedish*)

*homage to french&saunders


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing what you accidently create when doing a simple task. I once happily and quite accidentally cut out a minature dutch village whilst snipping my post-its in smaller sections (to save money - there, I don't mind admitting it).
I prefer model making to knitting if the truth be told. Models of anything really: insect parts; modern masters; people holding hands, scale 1:50.

You mentioned summer in Sydney cometh. Ahh. What a pleasant place. Where I reside, the summer is turning to autumn, the leaves from green to gold, the sun from a mean bitch to a rather pleasant neighbour, the air from smog to more smog.

Anyway, it is nice, and, as I turn I spy some Peruvian wool and a pair of needles. A scarf half finished. Winter approaches. I must prepare...

13 September 2006 at 3:38 pm  

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