You can't. You won't. And you don't stop!

(Ok ok, so it’s actually a still from Sabotage,but let’s not allow referencing pedantry to come between us )

What I’m actually talking about here is, of course, FG. Which threatens to not stop.


It now weighs 350 g, which doesn’t seem that much in the abstract
but once it’s been lying in your lap for a hour or two while watching Six Feet Under, it seems much more than that.

Scout looks on bemused>

v waiting for a pair of toe up socks

Or perhaps that’s just the weight on my psyche from the Fishers’unravelling.

In any case, this scarf is going to be extremely warm.

Possibly even claustrophobically hot.

But at least I’ll know what to pack next time we visit Montreal.

The hail was not kind to Agatha>

Not quite off topic: After attending a seminar last night with the very erudite Justice Kirby talking about global human rights and bioethics, it was such a relief to let my brain relax with a bit of mindless K2P2 lest it explode (my brain that is, not FG). Philistine that I am, the factoid that I took
away from the entire evening was Eleanor Roosevelt visiting

Concord Repatriation Hospital .

Eleanor Roosevelt….

In Concord.

Wonders will never cease.

Speaking of ER, you may have seen her appearance in Ian Falconer’s Olivia books:

Children’s Lit.com: "Many people have remarked upon the unusual portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt on the wall of Olivia's bedroom in OLIVIA SAVES THE
CIRCUS. Why did you select Mrs. Roosevelt to be featured in the book and why this particular portrait of her"?

Ian Falconer: "I chose Eleanor Roosevelt because she is a great role model and because it's totally absurd".


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i read this post
and i know
we must
be kindred
love your
about with
my partner
is the same
to remain
i find
an extra
i will
make sure
to send it
your way!

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