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Presenting W.I.P. Furry Goodness by Kathleen at Knits Well with Others.

Mmmm.. stylin' tracky dacks.

So far I've used 6 balls of Eki Riva alpaca sport (14 ply) and I am just lovin' the cable...some call it
Baby Cable, some Mock Cable, some Simple(ton?) Cable..whatever the nomenclature it's a subtley textural and therefore very pleasing cable.

I'm lovin' the cable texture so much in fact that I can't stop. I thought I would stop after 6 balls. (When I went yarn shopping for this project, I naively thought 4 balls would do it) then back to tapestry craft for another 2 balls - that's all they had left on the shelf a week later, as if a plague of alpaca locusts had swept through in the intervening days - but their website's online ordering tracker informs me they have 9 balls left in some sneaky squirrel stash, so will have to get in their pronto to buy more (lesson of the week: Always Ask)...either 1 or 2 more balls.
The plan is to make tassles first, then use whatever is left to just keep going... Dory-like

Keep on knitting...keep on knitting...keep on knitting....

Not indefinately of course... I just think that the luxe of a super long scarf, of being able to wrap it around your neck and still have plenty of length suits the yarn, colour and stitch.

Only problem is I will have to knit a whole outfit to wear with it, in a fuzzy grey quelque chose as this yarn sheds like a mutha!!! Like a little baby alpaca has been napping in my lap for a few days (nor! how cute would that be?).Forget wearing black with it (there goes most of my wardrobe).

Undeterred however, I'm going to use the same cable stitch in a beret.


as Louis Balfour would say.


Blogger Unknown said...

Eki Riva- yummy! you found the good stuff - nice colour too!
LYS? that would be Champion crafts?

13 August 2006 at 8:49 pm  
Blogger Carson said...

Yep I love Champion Textiles, even if it is crazily disorganised..part of its charm.

21 August 2006 at 12:43 pm  

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