But it's ironic!

...I said to our informal not-stitch-n-bitch gathering last weekend, when I suggested this as my next project. Now that it's finished it seems doubly so...


OK, so obviously there's room for improvement here. Like gauge maintenance. And the whole increasing/shaping thing. And casting off loosely.

But at least my previously nude and style-challenged hottie is looking so much
more...Ralph Lauren.

And it's a real tactile success, if not a 100% aesthetic one.
I'm so glad I did this before diving into a sweater.
For me.
To wear outside where people will see it.
As opposed to one for Ms. Hottie.
To wear under the doona.

Bottom line?: It's a hottie cover for gourd's sake, get a grip. Move on with your life

I only needed one skein of Lamb's Pride for this, but I stuffed up my order at Yarns Online and (long tedious story later) ordered 2. But hey it was on sale and I’m sure that second skein will come in handy for something else, even if it’s just fondling.

Can I just say at this point how lovely Meaghan at Yarns Online is? She called me interstate to try to sort out the order confusion -which was entirely my fault-, and ended up offering me a postage credit! Now that’s what I call good old fashioned customer service. Needless to say that credit will be used sooner rather than later as they have yummy things on their catalogue.

Thank you to everyone who's commented and welcomed me to knittingblogworld. Owing to a certain degree of technical ineptitude on my part your comments are only just now appearing (thanks to the Goat sorting that out for me).

I wish I was in Melbourne this week so I could see the Maurice Sendak Exhibition at the Jewish Musem.

The Goat and I did see some beautiful work on the weekend however.
We went to Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery to see Bronwyn Oliver. I grabbed a catalogue.
Funny... it says at the top "1959 - 2006".
That's weird.
Why does it say "... - 2006"?
Then it hit me.

I've been debating with myself about the appropriateness of speaki
ng to this here, as John McDonald said in SMH on Saturday " There is a terrible delicacy" about this sad topic, but as this site is envisioned as a space where craft, design, art and life collide I decided that it is.
Bronwyn Oliver is no longer with us.
I've been a fan of her work for about 16 years and to say it was a shock to find out about her recent death as I walked into the space filled with her final work would be an understatement. It lent a strangely poignant edge to the experience as we wandered the gallery and admired her work. Work which requires no words of explanation and just demands to be seen.
Sakura. Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

You can see more here.


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