the amish-ey simplicity of it a

Two big fat Amish Challahs (we're very ecumenical here at Needle's Edge) of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Pistachio arrived in the post. No plastic bags, no garish collars of branding, just small tags of card.
I can't wait to wind one of these into a ball and start knitting BAWK aka Rachael's hot water bottle cozy.

I mean that quite literally readers, as I don't think I have so compulsively needed to finish something this badly in a long time. I can't believe I knitted a gauge square for a hottie cover. At least I discovered that I am apparently a loose knitter and needed to go down half a needle size, shock!

Lamb's Pride, what can I say? Dreamy to knit - I haven't knitted with a yarn that's so round and smooth (instead of just twisted) before, and I love the way it fluffs up like cotton wool as you're making the stitch, then magically pulls itself tauter and snugger once you're done. Such is it's trance-inducingly drea
my qualities that the only times I've had to frog Bawk is upon discovering I've sailed right past where I was meant to stop and purl/cable, coz' I was enjoying myself so much just watching the yarn slip through... knit knit knit knit.....

Now, this may seem like a "well, der" kinda moment to you readers (or indeed, to Ms Yarn-a-go-go herself), but I guess I needed to disover it for myself, frog a few rows then go back and make sure that the P2s of my ribbing travelled straight up from the p2s of the channels either side of the cable.

Like I said, these realisations come slower to some of us than to others, but I still believe sometimes it's better to know something experientially rather than theoreticaly.

Will I be able to finish Bawk before the end credits of tonight's Bleak House finish rolling? Find out!


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